MM Controls, Inc

is a software house located in Portland, Oregon that specializes in software for control systems. We do both embedded and PLC-based systems along with Human/Machine Interface (HMI) using Windows, Android, iOS, Web technologies or commercial HMI packages.

MM Controls was founded in 1996 by Mike McIntyre after an early career of working for machinery manufacturers in the Materials Handling and Forest Products industries. Although we're based in Portland, less than half of our customer base is local and we have clients in all four time zones. We will work outside the USA, but because of all the different rules for different countries only as a subcontractor to a US based company.

Our primary focus at MM Controls is the design, programming, and startup of control system software. If your requirements are more comprehensive than this we know machinery manufacturers, board designers, panel shops, electricians, regulatory compliance engineers, tech writers and project managers. We can put a team together that will fit your needs. We can provide a complete turnkey control system solution or our level of involvement can be as minimal as programming-only (or anything in between).

Free Modbus Test Server

A Windows application you may use to test Modbus TCP client devices and apps.

HMI for iOS and Android

mmOpView is our HMI system for mobile devices.

mmOpView Support

Support for the mmOpView product is provided through a public forum.