• Self-leveling cargo loader, 2003
  • Self-leveling cargo loader, 2003
  • Machine vision image processing app, 2004
  • Panel testing, 2013
  • Distributed process controller, 2009
  • Android 3D HMI proof-of-concept, 2011
  • Bay Bridge section hoists, 2004
  • Bay Bridge section hoists, 2004
  • Web-based machine HMI using Active-X, 2000
  • Web-based machine HMI using AJAX, 2009
  • Loading dock conveyor and diagnostic program, 2004
  • Software documentation image, 2014

MM Controls, Inc

is a software house located in Portland, Oregon that specializes in software for control systems. We do both embedded and PLC-based systems along with Human/Machine Interface (HMI) using Windows, Android, iOS, Web technologies or commercial HMI packages.

mmOpCfg 48 px

If you are looking for the mmOpView HMI system for iOS and Android, then click here to go to the mmHMI.com site

Embedded Systems

For embedded PC architecture single-board computers and rack-mount systems, we offer solutions based on QNX, Linux and VxWorks.

Firmware for embedded microcontrollers is a large part of what we do. Most recent projects have been for the ARM and AVR chip families but our many years of experience go all the way back to the eight bit days of the 8051 and 6502 and spans the entirety of the sixteen bit CPU era.

And while we do have a preference for certain chipsets and software tools, we're more than happy to write your firmware for whatever chip you have using whatever IDE, compiler and RTOS you prefer.

PLC Systems

For one-off and custom control systems or when there are a large number of I/O points, a PLC-based solution is usually the correct choice.

Recent projects have used the Allen-Bradley Logix family, as well as the Siemens S7-300 and PLCs from GE and Koyo. Our experience dates back to the days of the A-B PLC5 and Modicon 984 and we've been doing PLC systems ever since.

We also have extensive experience with CoDeSys, on both industrial and mobile (heavy equipment not phone) platforms.

Along with PLC programming, we've done a fair amount of PLC based HMI/SCADA work over the years. Most experience has been with Wonderware and RS-View systems but we've used many different HMI solutions from many different vendors.

User Interface

We offer custom Windows applications written in C# .NET using WPF, Windows Forms, or console.

For mobile HMI (phone and tablet, not heavy equipment) we offer customization of our mmOpView HMI product for iOS and Android. mmOpView is compatible with many different PLCs and many different devices on the Internet Of Things.

For many embedded devices (both PC and μC based), the best HMI solution is to use web-based technologies. We've been offering browser-based machine HMI since the early days of the web.

Free Modbus Test Server

A Windows application you may use to test Modbus TCP client devices and apps.

HMI for iOS and Android

mmOpView is our HMI system for mobile devices.

mmOpView Support

Support for the mmOpView product is provided through a public forum.